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Simon Grondin

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Let’s get started with this blog thing. I never thought I’d end up having one myself, but after reading dozens of interesting blog posts in the last year (mostly linked on Hacker News), I can see why programmers start one.

I’m 22 and I’ve been writing code since I was 14. I taught myself PHP with a book “for dummies” that just barely covered ifs, loops and arrays. I learned the rest by trial and error and reading the php.net documentation. Then I went to college, learned Java, some .NET and tons of Oracle SQL. Two internships and 1 programming summer job later, I started a 4 years Software Engineering degree that has my 3 years programming degree as a requirement. Another internship and the most productive summer of my life (I’ll be covering it in another post) later here I am, half way through my degree and looking around for a nice internship in Fall 2013.

Since I’ve been mostly writing Node.js and Javascript code in the last year, many posts will be covering these topics. Additionally, I plan to write about my adventures in the US during my upcoming internship in September to December.

I must clarify something. I learned a while ago that the word “internship” doesn’t have the same meaning in the US as it does in my part of Canada. Here, it’s simply a school semester spent working in a company on real world problems. It’s a fantastic way to break the routine and apply the theory learned in class. It feels like a vacation, instead of spending money to learn, you get paid for it. And the best part? Once you come home after a day of hard work, it’s over. No homework, no studying, no exams to be worried about.

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